The Seventh Seal: The Resurrection of the Dark Lord

The Seventh Seal: The Resurrection of the Dark Lord

An RPG released by Soft-World in 2002, based on the book "Seventh Seal" by Nalan Zhen.


The Seventh Seal: The Resurrection of the Dark Lord is a role-playing game published by Taiwanese game company Soft-World International Corporation in 2002, and developed by Soft-World's Magic-Sigma department. Seventh Seal was only released in Taiwan and China, although Soft-World advertised a partially translated version of the game in Kentia Hall at E3 2002 (under the name "Seventh Seal: Lost Reminiscence"), hoping to find a publisher who could help translate the full game. However, no deals could be finalized, and Soft-World's hopes for an English release eventually fell through.

Seventh Seal would be one of the last games developed by Soft-World before their shift to primarily developing online games.


Seventh Seal is based on Nalan Zhen's "The Seventh Seal" series of novels. Seventh Seal takes place in a fantasy world named Huho, a world comprised of six elements: water, earth, air, fire, light, and dark. The elements spread throughout the world, growing powerful and unpredictable over time. Seeing this power, a man named Ceavoton used these energies in an attempt to control the moon. In response, the six elements were sealed away, rendering them inert and causing the world's environment to become tame in their absence. However, the creation of a seventh, final seal was interrupted, weakening the other seals. Without the seventh seal, the remaining six would slowly decay, and in time break, releasing the elements, and granting the dark lord Ceavoton a second chance at power.

Over time this story faded into obscurity, and became nothing but a myth to the inhabitants of Huho. Now, 18,000 years after the creation of the seals, the seals are weakening and the world is returning to its former unruly state. It's up to a believer of the ancient myths, a girl named Ingeny, to save Huho from the dark lord.


Seventh Seal's soundtrack was composed in part by Procyon Studio, a group founded by Yasunori Mitsuda. Mitsuda's compositions for Seventh Seal were also released separately, as an album titled Sailing to the World. A companion album with new compositions was released 4 years later, entitled Sailing to the World: Piano Score.