FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Take destruction to a new level of bone breaking carnage!


FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is a graphically enhanced and updated version of FlatOut 2 and is a racing game which is very similar to the Destruction Derby, Full Auto and Burnout games. It features multiple game modes, 8 player online multiplayer modes, 48 cars and 39 tracks in 6 different environments all with destructible scenery. Rag Doll Physics are also used when drivers are catapulted from their vehicles in crashes and in mini games such as bowling, high jump and long jump.

Game Modes

FlatOut Mode

FlatOut Mode is the games career mode.  You start out with $5000 to buy your first car and then from there you can compete in races, rising though the rankings and win prize money and trophies which you can spend on upgrading your car or buying new cars.

Carnage Mode

 Huge explosions are the norm in this game.
 Huge explosions are the norm in this game.
Carnage Mode is a series of 39 challenges spread across 4 different game types:
  • Carnage Race - Carnage Racing is a race where crashing into objects and other drivers scores you points. Its not all about racing though as the higher up the field you are the more of a multiplier you receive to your score.
  • Beat the Bomb - In Beat the Bomb mode you have to drive as fast as you can before the timer runs out and the bomb in the back of the car explodes. The further around the track you drive the more points you score.
  • Stunts - Utilizing the Rag Doll Physics you play a series of 12 mini-games such as Bowling, where you literally launch the driver of the car out the windshield in order to knock down the pins.
  • Deathmatch Derby - In a Deathmatch Derby its you against the AI computer drivers in an enclosed arena. Last car still running at the end wins. You score points by ramming into the AI cars and destroying them. There are also power ups which pop-up around the arena which you can use to your advantage but you have to pick them up quick before the AI drivers do.

Single Events

Unlockable rides include a Semi and a School Bus.
Unlockable rides include a Semi and a School Bus.
In the Single Events mode you can choose to compete in a race of your choice specifying the time of day and the number of laps etc, any of the stunts, a destruction derby and time trials. Bonus tracks, like a figure-8 track, which are unlocked by playing through the FlatOut and Carnage modes are also playable here.

Party Mode

2 to 8 players can compete against each other in any of the single player mode stunts. This is a turn based game mode using one controller.


There are 12 different types of stunts to play all of which use the Rag Doll Physics: 
  • Playing Poker in Stunt Mode
    Playing Poker in Stunt Mode
  • Poker
  • High Jump
  • Stone Skipping
  • Basketball
  • Rings of Fire
  • Curling
  • Ski Jumping
  • Darts
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Field Goal Kicking


  • 32 Leaves - Waiting
  • A Static Lullaby - Hang 'em High
  • This Is Menace - Cover Girl Monument
  • Art of Dying - You Don't Know Me
  • The Classic Crime - Blisters and Coffee
  • Dead Poetic - Narcotic
  • Everything at Once - Boys on the Hill
  • Hypnogaja - They Don't Care
  • Kazzer - Fuelled by Adrenaline
  • Manafest - Wanna Know You
  • No Connection - Feed the Machine
  • No Connection - The Last Revolution
  • Opshop - Nothing Can Wait
  • Point Defiance - Union of Nothing
  • Sasquatch - Believe It
  • Supermercado - Ditch Kitty
  • The Riverboat Gamblers - True Crime
  • The Sleeping - Listen Close
  • The White Heat - The Is My Life
  • Luna Halo - I'm All Right

Xbox 360 Game Installation

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage requires 4.9GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD

PC System Requirements 

Supported OS: Windows XP (32bit) Windows Vista (32/64bit)
Processor: Intel Processor 2.2GHz or Higher / AMD 2.2GHz or Higher
Memory: 2GB or higher
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c or higher supported graphics cards with 256MB of Memory. 
Supported Cards: Nvidia Geforce 7600 or higher, ATI Radeon X1800 or higher.
Integrated Graphics Chips and Laptops are not supported by this game.  
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX 9.0c supported Soundcard.
Hard Drive: 4.75 GB free hard disk space.
Controllers: XBOX 360 Controller for Windows. (Drivers for the XBOX 360 controller can be obtained from http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/gaming/download.mspx)  
Note: XBOX 360 Controller is preset and cannot be re-configured regarding the control options.
Keyboard/Mouse: PC Game Pad Controller (Minimum 8 button controller) 
(The Manufacturers driver must be installed for the game pad controller. Plug and Play controllers are not supported)