Blowout was a run and gun third person shooter released on original xbox, Ps2, PC, Gamecube and XBLA as a xbox originals title.
In the game you you play as John "Dutch" Cane  a space marine sent to check up on researchers on the space platform "Honour Guard" only to discover that they have been horribly mutated. Gameplay is often described as very similar to games such as Contra, Metal Slug, or Abuse
 On January 26, 2009, the game was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace as part of the Xbox Originals program.

 Review scores

Publication Score

PS2: 5.2 of 10
Xbox: 5.0 of 10


PS2: 6.5 of 10
GCN: 6.5 of 10
Xbox: 6.5 of 10

Compilations of multiple reviews
Game Rankings

PS2: 51.9% (based on 14 reviews)
GCN: 60.0% (based on 1 reviews)
Xbox: 52.1% (based on 15 reviews)
PC: 50.0% (based on 1 reviews)


PS2: 58% (based on 12 reviews)
GCN: 68% (based on 5 reviews)
Xbox: 55% (based on 11 reviews)

Xbox Originals

On January 19, 2009, Blowout became available on the Xbox 360's Xbox Originals download service for 1200 Microsoft Points.