Indie Pogo

Indie Pogo

A "platform brawler" game for 2-4 players where you bounce, ricochet off and pogo your buddies into oblivion! Featuring playable characters, cameos and stages from numerous indie game series across over fifty studios.
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With inspiration from Super Smash Bros., League of Legends and The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Indie Pogo is a lighter side on the Platform Fighting subgenre (akin to Divekick's relation with 2D fighting games) with a focus on hopping due to characters automatically bouncing on the spot which can be done to create combos and even perform Supers.

Foes can be defeated by reducing their health to zero, but also by performing ring outs in typical platform fighter fashion.

With collaboration with over 50 studios across the world (15+ countries), this crossover game includes playable characters from:

The following franchises' characters are also planned as forthcoming inclusions:

The game also includes stages and cameos (whether as trophies or otherwise) from other games, including Runbow and Duck Game.