Slap City

Slap City

Roll up your shirt and jeanshorts, and partake in the greatest death sport. Slap a bestie on their face, so pretty. Welcome to Slap City. Put on your finest speedos, knock some sense into all these weirdos. Crush a Ruby without remorse or pity. Welcome to Slap City.

Slap City is a Platform Fighting game based on the Ludosity universe of games. The game was initially released in Early Access on Steam before being fully released in 2020.

The playable characters include:

  1. Ittle Dew (Ittle Dew)
  2. Masked Ruby (Ittle Dew)
  3. Jenny Fox (Ittle Dew)
  4. Ultra Fishbunjin (Space Hunk)
  5. Princess Remedy (Princess Remedy)
  6. Business Casual Man (Card City Nights)
  7. Goddess of Explosions (Hyper Princess Pitch)
  8. Asha (Iji)
  9. Frallan (Princess Remedy)
  10. Cruiser Tetron (Hero)
  11. Orka (Healthy Weapon)

The modes available include:

  • Arcade Mode - Single Player, standard arcade ladder
  • Story Mode - Complete a series of platforming stages and versus battles, with unique text-based stories for each character. Collectibles can also be found in each stage for use in other modes, such as expanded character profiles, additional music, and alternate costumes and colors.
  • Smack the Crystals - Single Player, akin to Smash the Targets in the Super Smash Bros. games.
  • Battle Mode - Up to 4 players and includes Team, Time, Stock and Friendly Fire options.
  • Slap Ball - In teams of up to 4 players, players compete to score goals but can also increase how many points a goal is worth through landing juggle combos on the ball before it touches the goal... or bash the opponent to prevent them from getting started on their own.
  • Training - Includes options for the damage to reset on landing, frame by frame progression and displaying hitboxes. The latter two are in other modes.
  • Online - This includes the above mentioned Battle Mode and Slap Ball Mode with the option to search and set up lobbies with passwords.
  • Replays - You can view replays from other modes.
  • Controllers - Controls can be remapped in other places as well with GameCube Controller support being included.
  • Library - This documents gameplay
  • Tutorial - A short playable tutorial demonstrating the mechanics as Ittle Dew, this begins when the game is booted.


The game had a brief Alpha available in 2017 which was followed by the game releasing in Early Access on Steam in March 2018 with a Version 0.7 build. This build had 5 playable characters, 13 battle stages, 2 slap ball stages and online support. Development continued for 2 1/2 years until the game was finally released in September 2020.

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