Heavyweight Champ

Heavyweight Champ

Sega's third arcade boxing game, which uses a behind-the-back perspective and controls that give the illusion of actual boxing (using two unique hand levers and a rotatable upper chassis).


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Heavyweight Champ (not to be confused with the 1976 game of the same name) is a behind-the-back boxing game developed by Sega-AM1 and released by Sega for arcades (using Sega System 16 hardware) in September 1987.

Bearing the same name as Sega's original 1976 boxing game, Heavyweight Champ uses a similar perspective to Nintendo's Punch Out!! series of fighting games, with controls that utilize a similar type of hand lever as the original 1976 game. It is sometimes considered a remake of, or sequel to, the original game.

The game is unique for its controls, consisting of two hand levers attached to the front of the cabinet that give the illusion that the player is actually boxing. Each lever can be moved not only up-and-down, but also in-and-out of the cabinet, allowing for different types of attacks and blocks. In addition, the entire upper side of the cabinet can be rotated left-and-right using the torque from the levers, which correspond with the swaying movement of the boxer.

Players take the role of boxer Kid "K.O." Crusher (who bears a strong resemblance to Mike Tyson) as they fight four opponents to become the world heavyweight champion of the fictional S.B.F. Afterwards, they must defend their title against the four, along with two matches against a hidden fifth opponent.


Players fight five different opponents in order, twice over:

  1. Sammy "Smasher" Smith
  2. Jerry "Cyclone" Charger
  3. George "Iceberg" Cooler
  4. Willie "Vulture" Wilson
  5. Jim "Phoenix" Moore

At the beginning, players can opt to skip to the second or third fight.