Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck

A side-scrolling prehistoric action game featuring the son of the protagonist Chuck Rock as he fights off dinosaurs and tries to help save his parents.


Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck is a 2D platformer and sequel to Chuck Rock. This time the former game's titular protagonist has been kidnapped along with his wife Ophelia, and so their infant son Chuck Jr. stages a rescue. The gameplay is similar to the first, though Chuck Jr. uses a club to give himself a bit more reach and there are also mini-games between certain levels.

Chuck Rock II debuted on the Amiga platform in 1992 and was subsequently ported to a number of systems including every active Sega console at the time. Conversely, unlike the original, it never saw a Nintendo port.


Chuck Rock II supposedly takes place roughly a year/year and a half after the events of the the first Chuck Rock. Our hero and previous title, prehistoric ass-kicker Chuck Rock has become a rising business man who excels at carving automobiles from stone which sparks envy from his competitor compelling him to kidnap Chuck. Our pint sized Chuck Jr. springs into action on a quest to rescue our favorite beer-gutted, grass-skirt wearing hero.