Build homes, build facilities and crush your opponent using any means at hand in this building game.


At the start of the game, the player has an overhead view of a nearly empty city, with only an HQ (and the HQs of the opponents, if any) and a city council. The player must build construction facilities in order to create wood, concrete, bricks and metal, and in turn use these to create houses . These houses can be rented out to tenants, thus generating revenue. Tenants come in several different "levels", which will only live in the appropriate level of housing. They are also the game's main source of challenge, as they complain about a lot of things.

A typical street in Constructor
A typical street in Constructor

To come out ahead when playing against opponents, it becomes necessary to build Undesirables, minions with different skills that can wreak havoc on rival operations. These include Hippies, who can picket a resource building to halt production, Psychos who can scare away workers with their chainsaws and hockey masks, and more.

There are also special buildings that confer different benefits, like hospitals, schools, and a Mob HQ that gives access to gangsters.

But for the gangsters to be useful, Mob Favors are also needed. This is one of the things tenants can produce instead of rent. Tenants can also generate new tenants and workers.

The game has several modes of play with different objectives. There is also a "Build, Build, Build" mode, in which the restrictions from other modes are lifted to allow the player to make the best town possible.

Types of Undesirables


Can be used to picket buildings, squat in empty houses and have street-parties.


As the name suggests, they an steal anything from resources to a Gangster's weapon.

Mr. Fixit

Can "fix", ie sabotage, an enemy's house. Plumbing, electrical work and gas leaks are his domain.


A group of people that like to party. Usually in the enemy's houses, of course.


Chainsaw-wielding, hockey-mask wearing bikers who can destroy fences, or just scare away workers.


Can render people invisible, possess someone, or create a (rather harmless) army of zombies. Good for distracting the police.


They can start fires in houses where Mr. Fixit has tampered with the gas oven. They can also distract guard-dogs, and bore away ghosts.