Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3

The third entry in the Bayonetta series comes to Nintendo Switch.


A sequel to Bayonetta 2, developed by PlatinumGames, and published by Nintendo as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. Bayonetta 3 is an action game with an emphasis on destroying enemies while taking as little damage as possible, with platforming action mixed with large setpieces.


A great foe named Singularity has been traveling through parallel universes, destroying all worlds other than his own by using his vast army of homunculi to destroy the "Arch-Eve" (the world's version of Bayonetta) that guards them. This is implied to include the Bayonetta from the previous games. In hopes of countering this dire threat, a sword-wielding Umbra Witch from another universe named Viola travels through the multiverse to find the Prime Bayonetta, then assist her and Jeanne with acquiring the means to travel to the Alphaverse where Singularity resides and destroy him.

Main Characters


The titular character of the series, though this one has a slightly different tone. Wielding her new signature four pistols designed by Rodin, called Colour My World, Bayonetta gathers various demons as allies in her quest through the multiverse. Unlike other Bayonettas, this one is able to use the Demon Slave ability, which lets her temporarily control a demon to use it in battle, from her contracted Madama Butterfly to many others she picks up in her travels.


Bayonetta's rival and occasional ally, contracted to Madama Styx, with her own set of four pistols collectively called "All 4 One." She heads into a nearby military installation to find the entrapped Dr. Sigurd, in hopes of using his knowledge to defeat Singularity before her own world is destroyed. In her story stages, Jeanne is unable to call upon her demon allies, and must use more stealthy techniques to get to the captive Doctor, including hiding in vents and assassinating enemies from behind. After beating the story, Jeanne can be used in normal stages.


An apprentice Umbra Witch from another universe with a punk rock girl motif. She did not train in the "Bullet Arts" of other Umbra Witches when her world was attacked, instead relying solely on a katana known as the Mab Dachi and exploding darts called Bull's Kiss to destroy her enemies. Her sword is also home to a Demon named Cheshire, but unlike Bayonetta, she didn't enslave it to her will; Cheshire decided to follow Viola of his own volition, though his reasons for doing so are unknown. Viola can dodge attacks, but unlike the other characters she can only activate Witch Time through perfect parries of attacks with her sword.


The gameplay is similar to the previous games: Bayonetta collects new demonic weapons over the course of her adventure to perform new and deadlier combos. Though there are several differences and additions.

  • Stages can be replayed at certain checkpoints instead of having to start the entire stage over, if the player desires.
  • New weapons are unlocked over the course of the story, rather than having to piece together special demonic records. There are a couple optional weapons that can be gathered by beating side-stories.
  • Rather than equipping new weapons on each limb, Bayonetta and Jeanne can only equip one weapon set, and switch between two of them during battle.
  • Each stage now has three Umbran tears to gather. One held by a crow (quick to fly away), one held by a cat (quick to run away), and one held by a toad (in a hidden spot, but croaks loudly). The player must touch the animal holding the Tear to gather it, but when all three are gathered, a secret Alternate stage is unlocked.
  • With the "heavenly economy" disrupted by the new homunculi enemies, Halos are harder to come by, so Rodin accepts Seeds of Chaos as currency for most items. Halos still exist though, and can be used to buy various cosmetic items and treasures from The Gates of Hell.