Batman: Vengeance

Batman: Vengeance

The Dark Knight returns to stop a series of seemingly unrelated crimes in this 3D action platformer based on The New Batman Adventures animated TV series.


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Batman: Vengeance is a 3D action adventure platformer developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation 2 (on October 15, 2001), GameCube (on November 17, 2001), Xbox (on December 18, 2001), and PC (on September 6, 2002). In the third Batman game to be based on the animated TV series The New Batman Adventures, players control the caped crusader, Batman, as he stops a series of seemingly unrelated crimes (by the clown prince of crime The Joker, his sidekick Harley Quinn, cryogenic supervillain Mr. Freeze and eco-terrorist Poison Ivy) while investigating subtle links between them (with help from Batgirl).

The game progresses throughout the campaign using traditional third-person platforming (with first-person shooter mechanics for gadget use and light stealth mechanics), third-person vehicular chase sequences, and hacking mini-games.


This game largely consists of a mix of different play styles. A fairly simple combat system is in place, with melee attacks coming in the form of various punches and kicks. You also get an assortment of different gadgets that are very helpful in certain situations. There is also the option to play the game in a first-person perspective. This makes the game's throwing actions much more accurate. Vehicle gameplay is also present, like riding the Batmobile through the city or chasing another aircraft in the Batplane and trying to shoot it down. There are also various scripted areas like trying to catch a free-falling body while avoiding hitting any obstacles on the way down. Plenty of puzzles are in the game, including a computer-hacking minigame. There are also stealth elements mixed in where you have to either sneak around to avoid enemies or "hug the wall" to avoid activating a trap.