Warp & Warp

Warp & Warp

Warp between two worlds and modes of play in this 1981 arcade title by Namco


Warp & Warp tasks the player with clearing a field of twenty aliens. There are two modes of play, both of which share the same four pools of five alien enemies. In one mode, which plays something like Nintendo's Sheriff, players shoot at aliens who walk in straight lines on cardinal axes around a central tunnel-like barrier. As these aliens become closer to the barriers, they shift from green to red ala American traffic lights. If the player shoots three aliens of the same color in sequence, a special bonus alien spawns for bonus points.

During play at seemingly random intervals, the barriers flashes "WARP" ("WAAPU" in Japanese). Walking between the barriers teleports the player to a second field with an alternate mode of play that is most similar to Hudson's Bomberman. Players drop bombs to defeat the remaining aliens, but must be cautious as their bombs are as dangerous to the player as they are to the enemies. From here, the player may choose to "warp" back to the first play field during a stage.


Warp & Warp is the first and only Namco arcade game to have been distributed by Rock-Ola in the United States.

Warp & Warp received a slightly reworked sequel, Warpman, for the Famicom in 1985.