FIFA International Soccer

FIFA International Soccer

The first entry in the popular gaming franchise about the most popular sport in the world. Staring only international teams it is virtually unrecognizable compared to the modern FIFA games.


This game was formerly known as EA Soccer during it's early development period. When it was released it went under the name FIFA International Soccer.

The game was met with a lot of hype. It was particularly know for breaking with the 16 bit era. It used a new isometric view.

Football games at the time only used a top-down view, side view, or a bird eye's view.

It only included international teams, and at the time licensing was unknown of, so it doesn't use real player names.

Famously, the player could run away from the referee when being given a yellow card. However, play would not resume until the referee did catch up with him and this would lead to a direct red card due to the incident.