R.C. Grand Prix

R.C. Grand Prix

4 Radio Controlled cars race around 10 circuits in hope of becoming the world champion R.C Racer.

Developed by Absolute Entertainment and released by Seismic in 1989, R.C Grand Prix sees upto 4 players take control of radio control cars around 10 unique tracks.


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1-4 Players race around 10 different tracks in a Grand Prix style setting. During the tournament players can take part in head to head drag races and also upgrade their cars batteries, tyres suspension and motors. The vast core of the gameplay is micro-machine like. The aim is to become the world champion R.C Racer.


The European version, as well as the Game Gear Version were published by Sega, Tec Toy published the game in Brazil.

The Game Gear version was only available in North America.