Shanghai: Second Dynasty

Shanghai: Second Dynasty

The sequel to Shanghai: Dynasty, adding three new mahjong solitaire game modes (including the return of Dragon's Eye) while adding Japanese and AMJA variants of traditional mahjong.


Shanghai: Second Dynasty is a mahjong solitaire / mahjong game developed by Quicksilver Software and published by Activision for Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers on November 30, 1999.

The sequel to the 1997 game Shanghai: Dynasty (and the last in the series developed by Quicksilver), Second Dynasty adds a variety of new tilesets and puzzle variations along with three new mahjong solitaire game modes on top of those from the original:

  • Arcade - Based on the series's arcade versions. Classic Shanghai with a countdown timer that ends the game prematurely when depleted. This timer can only be replenished by matching pairs.
  • Windstorm - New to the series.

In addition, two new variants to Mah-Jongg mode are included: "Japanese" and "American". It is the first game to receive official endorsement from the American Mah-Jongg Association, which provides the official tournament rules used for the "American" variant.

Along with the main game, Activision released a budget version known as Shanghai: Mah-Jongg Essentials that only includes the Classic Shanghai, Shanghai for Kids, Tournament, Two-Player, Arcade, Power Dragon's Eye, and American Mah-Jongg modes. It also removes numerous tilesets and puzzle layouts.