Cyber Sled

Cyber Sled

Cyber Sled is an arena-based vehicular combat game where you fight one on one battles against other tanks. It initially came out in arcades, but received a console port a few years after its initial release.


Cyber Sled is a tank-based arena combat game in which you fight against another tank in one-on-one battles. You are given a choice between 6 different contestants, with 6 very different tank types and abilities. The game features 8 playable characters, 8 different battle zones, and 11 different stages to battle in before being crowned the "Cybersled Champion". Various power-ups are scattered thoughout each battle zone and could increase ammunation, shield power, or give the player a better radar. Cyber Sled was initially released in the arcades in 1993, but received a port to consoles in 1995. The console version featured a larger character list than that of the arcade version, as well as upgraded textures to give the game a more realistic feel (though it was possible to turn off the updated graphics in the options menu).


Cyber Sled takes place during the future, in the year 2067, and is based around the new sport of tank combat. As the world is falling apart, the show becomes extremely popular and is used as a form of escapism and a way to avoid the problems in the world. Every contestant puts their life on the line in order to become the best fighter in the world and win the ultimate prize.


  • Madison Hawk: He is the pilot of "Fireball" and is an extremely self-centered person. His tank, Fireball, is the most well-rounded tank in the game and doesn't have any specific strength or weakness.
  • Marie Yamamoto: She is the pilot of "Polar Star" and believes in battling out with honor and respect. Her tank, Polar Star, is fast and agile, while featuring an medium-powered weapon and slightly below average shields.
  • Hans Baird: He is the pilot of "Centaur-2" and is an extremely cocky guy. His tank, Centaur-2, is the slowest tank in the game, but it makes up for this weakness by featuring an above average weapon and the strongest shields in-game.
  • Amanda Bates: She is the pilot of "G-Spider" and is the leader of the Shadowknights organization. Her tank, G-Spider, is agile and features the strongest pair of machine guns in-game.
  • Alan Striker: He is the pilot of "Blue Lightning" is a noble man who lives his life as guardian of Megalopolis. His tank, Blue Lightning, is the fastest tank in-game by a significant margin, but it also features the weakest weapon and shield.
  • Rexer Ironside: He is the pilot of "Crusher" and is only concerned with destroying everything and anyhing weaker than himself. His tank, Crusher, has below average speed and shield power, but features the most powerful weapon in the game.

Power Ups

General Items

(These power ups are available in both single-player and multi-player)
  • Missiles: These power ups add two more missiles to your inventory.
  • Shield Power: These power ups replenish your shield's power.

Special Items

(These power ups are only available in multi-player and appear randomly)
  • Radar Jam: These power ups jam your enemy's radar, making it impossible for them to see your location for a short period of time.
  • Special Shield: These power ups give you the ability to absorb one missile shot with receiving any damage.
  • Missile Jam: These power ups stop missiles from being able to home onto your position for a short period of time.