Joy Mecha Fight

Joy Mecha Fight

Joy Mecha Fight is a fighting game for the Famicom, starring limbless robots.


Two brilliant scientists, Dr. Little Eamon and Dr. Ivan Walnuts, worked together to develop powerful robots. However, one day, Dr. Walnuts disappeared with seven military bots, only to appear on TV to declare his intentions to take over the world. Only a lowly comedy robot, Skapon, is capable of defeating these reprogrammed mechanical men.

Release History

Joy Mecha Fight was released in Japan only, for the Famicom in May of 1993. It was re-released for the Wii Virtual Console in March of 2008 in Japan, and one year later almost to the day in Korea. September 2013 saw a 3DS Virtual Console, also in Japan only. Despite its relative popularity in certain internet circles and Skapon making a brief cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the game has never been released officially in the west in any format.