Wario World

Wario World

Wario leaps from the handhelds on to the big screen in his first GameCube adventure.


In Wario World, Wario attempts to reclaim his riches from the grasp of the evil creature inside the Black Jewel.

The gameplay consists of Wario defeating opponents and jumping around stages in order to reach the last area. The game also has a hub area where Wario starts, from which he can enter one of the four themed areas. These themed areas consist of a few stages each and all end with a boss confrontation. The goal of the game is to beat all four of those bosses in order to finally come face-to-face with the Black Jewel, a seemingly cursed object which spawned monsters all around Wario's newly built castle.

The game is very combat oriented, with small puzzle areas reachable by going through trap doors supplying most of the mental challenge. These areas are necessary in order to finish the level, as Wario needs four gems which can only be obtained by successfully finishing the puzzles. The game also has a unique approach to death. When Wario runs out of health, he can simply pay a large sum of gold acquired through playing the game to revive himself.

The game received overall decent reviews, but its primary criticism was its lack of variety and short length. The game also has connectivity with the Game Boy Advance title "Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Microgames".

Other Info

  • Player(s): 1
  • Memory blocks needed: 10
  • Gameboy Advance compatible
  • Progressive Scan compatible (480p)
  • Dolby Surround Pro Logic II