Fire Pro Wrestling 3: Legend Bout

Fire Pro Wrestling 3: Legend Bout

The fourth game in Human Entertainment's isometric wrestling series.


Fire Pro Wrestling 3: Legend Bout is an isometric wrestling game that is part of Human Entertainment's (later Spike's) Fire Pro Wrestling series. It is the third Fire Pro Wrestling for the PC Engine but the fourth game overall, after 1991's Super Fire Pro Wrestling for the Super Famicom. The game was later added to the Wii's Virtual Console in late 2008, joining its two predecessors on the service.

Legend Bout continues refining the mechanics of the series, with an increased emphasis on customization options. This includes match types and created wrestlers. The player can create up to four wrestlers based on a handful of face/clothing templates and the distribution of skill points across various stats of their choosing, and these player-created wrestlers are then added to the roster for the other modes.

Legend Bout also continues the series trademark of having fictional wrestlers that are visually based on then-active talent from various wrestling circuits worldwide.