Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro

Capcom vs. SNK is a fighting game published for the systems SEGA Dreamcast and PSone. It's an update of Capcom Vs SNK.


Released in 2001, Capcom VS SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 is a Capcom fighting game that was powered by the NAOMI Hardware for the Dreamcast & PlayStation. The updated version included two more characters - Joe Higashi & Dan Hibiki.


The gameplay in the game is styled more after the SNK games rather than the Capcom games. The game uses four buttons instead of six - Light Punch, Hard Punch, Light Kick, Hard Kick. Techniques can be done using combinations of those four buttons.

Capcom VS SNK has a couple of basic moves. The First is the Roll mechanic which is done by pressing the Light punch and Light kick simultaneously. It temporarily renders the player's character invincible and it's useful for evading attacks. Some other basic moves include Throw and Tech Throw; the Throw is done by pressing forward or back on the D-Pad or Joystick and pressing Hard punch or Hard kick simultaneously. The Tech Throw is a cancel Throw that is done by pressing forward or back when the player is about to be thrown. The other basic moves in the game is dashing or running that the player can choose to use in the options menu. The Dash is done tapping forward or back on the Joystick or D-Pad and same thing for the run.

Ratio System

Before a match, the roster is broking up into four Ratio tiers; each character is place in the Ratio tiers in terms of their offense and defense. The player is given four "points" and can spend those points by picking their characters; for example, Ryu & Kyo. So the player can spent all four points by picking Ryu & Kyo and have a team of two. Or can have a team of four if the player decides to pick just the Ratio one character like Sakura & Yuri.
  • Ratio 1: Weak Offense, Weak Defense
  • Ratio 2: Average Offense, Average Defense
  • Ratio 3: Strong Offense, Strong Defense
  • Ratio 4: Strongest Offense, Strongest Defense


The Grooves.
The Grooves.
The game features two "Grooves" that the player can select before he or she picks her characters. Each Grooves determine how the special meters are used during a fight.
  • Capcom Groove: The Capcom groove is similar to the Street Fighter Alpha super meter were the players is given three levels of super.
  • SNK Groove: The SNK groove, based on the super meter in The King of Fighters '94, is used by charging up the character by pressing the Hard punch and Hard kick button simultaneously. The other feature of the SNK groove is when the player's health bar gets decrease at a certain point where it's blinking, the player can perform unlimited amounts of super moves.


The Sakazaki stage
The Sakazaki stage
All of the SNK characters are fully redrawn for the game and some of the Capcom characters as well. But as for the rest of the characters have not been redrawn; their sprites have been taken from where they originated - Street Fighter Alpha and Darkstalkers. 3D visual have been used for the projectiles attacks and other effects to give the game a unique look.

The stages have special intros for all the stages - which is a bit of a nod to some of the SNK fighting games. Some of the stages have neat little effects; for example, in the Sakazaki stage, when a character gets slammed into the ground, the roof starts to slowly collapse.




  • Kyo, Capcom style.
    Kyo, Capcom style.
    Vice (King of Fighters '96)

Soundtrack List

  • The soundtrack CD.
    The soundtrack CD.
    Ryu - "Fist Explsion"
  • Sagat - "Naked Blow"
  • Final Fight - "Needle"
  • Capcom - "Keep my Fire"
  • OSAKA - "O-s-a-k-a"
  • Terry - "Higher and Higher"
  • Pappao Cafe - "Sonic Party"
  • Sakazaki - "Scarp Beats"
  • SNK - "B.B"
  • M.Bison - "Sigh"
  • Geese - "Vigor Force"
  • Morrigan - "Deserted Chateau remix"
  • Nakoruru -  "Silent Hill"
  • Akuma - "Worth of my Fist"
  • Ayutayaisaki - "S.F.2 Ryu remix"