Decap Attack

Decap Attack

A spooky platformer featuring a head-tossing mummy that is actually a re-skinned western version of a Japanese game called Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken.


DecapAttack is a side-scrolling platformer featuring the mummy Chuck D. Head, who is capable of tossing his own skeletal head at enemies. It was originally released in Japan as Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken (Magical Hat's Turbo Flight Adventure), based on the Studio Pierrot anime show Magical Hat about the young descendent of a hero that once sealed away the evil kingdom of Devildom.

DecapAttack itself was the basis for a long-running comic series in Sonic the Comic (Fleetway). Written and drawn by comic editor Nigel Kitching, it ran for longer than any other Sega game adaptation (aside from Sonic the Hedgehog). It had a particularly dark sense of humor. Given the limited nature of the game, most of the character's personalities were original including the notion that Dr Frank N. Stein is from Wales and his German accent is entirely fake. Most of the characters' names are obvious puns.

DecapAttack was later made available via the Sega Genesis Classics compilation and has also become available on Steam has a standalone game.


The game contains seven worlds which have three levels each. Progress is made by scrolling the character from left to right and up and down the levels. At the end of each world there can be one of two bonus rounds. In one of the bonus rounds the player places bets along different paths and watches the character walk along these paths to reach a prize. The second bonus round is a slot machine game.