Morita Shogi PC

Morita Shogi PC

A shogi game that offers a graphical mode that reimagines the shogi pieces as RPG monsters.


Morita Shogi PC is a shogi game for the PC Engine developed by its namesake Kazuo Morita and his development company Random House. The game is based on his previous work Morita Kazuo no Shogi, released on Famicom. The PC in the title refers to the system it was released on.

The game includes two visual styles for the pieces: one where the pieces and board have a standard wooden look; and a second where the pieces all resemble fictional monsters which commonly appear in Japanese RPGs. Pawns are slimes, Knights are giant frogs, Lances are giant bugs, the Rooks are stone golems, the Bishops are harpies, Silver Generals are skeletons, Gold Generals are minotaurs and the King is a demonic-looking wraith. In this mode, the pieces animate whenever they move or eliminate other pieces, similar to Battle Chess.

Morita Shogi PC is one of a handful of PC Engine games to include a special two-player mode for PC Engine GT owners, a portable system known in North America as the TurboExpress that allowed multiplayer play through a "TurboLink" device. This mode allows two players to play a variant of shogi remotely.