Veterans Online

Veterans Online

Veterans Online is a Top-down, MOBA like shooter.

Veterans Online is a Free to Play, Online and Multiplayer, Top-down Shooter from the independent studio Nuked Cockroach. It can be played on PC and it is available on Steam. The game is a combination of tactical multiplayer battles. The game is fast-paced, that needs speed and accuracy.

The game is about the war Veterans that are called again to war and service. As a player you control one of these Veterans and compete on the battlefield victory again.

Veterans Online has a variety of game mods: death matches, domination, capture the flag… and a unique mode that gathers both chaos, infinite shooting and tactical positioning to control objectives.

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It combines RPG and Arcade genres, and you can unlock abilities and upgrades which best suit the player play style as he progresses into Veterans Online' achievement system. Also, a customization system is available for the playable character with cosmetics that can be earned through in-game leveling or achievement.


  • Focus on tactics and teamwork, with a dynamic team-based player-vs-player.
  • Faction system to unlock special missions
  • Gear and abilities upgrades based on player level
  • Take pot-shots at other players
  • Tactical game play modes and different missions from flag capture, team matches and death matches
  • Customized game play to reward skilled and experienced players: e.g. performing a head shot can take time to master.
  • A Free to play game that is not pay-to-win.