Showtime Championship Boxing

Showtime Championship Boxing

A boxing game for the Wii and DS that bears the Showtime Championship Boxing license


Showtime Championship Boxing is a boxing game developed by Nikitova LLC for the DS and Wii. It is a very straightforward game with simplistic controls and few gameplay features. The game features fictional boxers who fight in the welterweight and heavyweight division, the only weight classes offered in the game. There is no career mode, instead the player can enter a series of tournaments in which they compete to win belts. As the player successfully wins a tournament, new boxers are unlocked. The final tournament is called the "King of the Ring".

Game Modes

Single Fight

Single Fight is the quick match option in the game. In this mode the player can select a weight class, a boxer, and round length. Welterweight and heavyweight are the only classes the game offers. There are seven fighters in each weight class, with a combined 14 in total. Only three are available initially for each weight class, the rest can be unlocked by winning the four tournaments in the game. The player is also able to select the round length. "Quick Fight" is an option in which there is only one round with no timer and the fight simply when there's a knockdown.