The Metronomicon

The Metronomicon

The Metronomicon is a Rhythm RPG from Puuba.

The Metronomicon is a Rhythm RPG.

A music game at heart, players play along with four choreographed lanes of notes to simultaneously control a team of four player-selected heroes. Whichever track the user is playing notes dispatches orders to the hero dancing beneath. Depending on the duration of notes that is played, a different ability can be cast.

Featuring five dungeons, eight heroes, and a ton of abilities and gear, The Metronomicon is also a proper RPG. Gain exp (and rare loots) by killing enemies from the parade of oncoming mobs.

Only by fighting through each of the dungeons, fighting through the fully voice-acted story, and dispatching the DJ Bosses within, can these heroes find the cause of these mysterious dance parties arrival in their land, and put a stop to the musical havoc they cause.