Elfaria II

Elfaria II

JRPG sequel that once again features the artwork of manga artist Susumu Matsushita.


Elfaria II is a real-time RPG and the sequel to 1993's Elfaria. Like its predecessor, Elfaria II features art direction from manga artist Susumu Matsushita, who is best known for his "Western" cartoon style and was often commissioned for video game box art and illustrations for gaming magazines.

Elfaria II is set 100 years after the original. Pine, the hero of the original game, disappeared shortly after saving the world after venturing into a cursed forest to cleanse it of its corrupting influence. In the years since, the world has been taken over by an oppressive theocracy that supposedly acts on behalf of Pine's message. A new hero, Kiba, gets embroiled in a quest to prevent the destruction of the world.

The game's combat is focused on two rows of characters: the front row can melee attack enemies while the back-row must focus on ranged attacks for damage. Combat ensues automatically, but the player can step in for certain commands like escaping from battle.