CounterAttack is a side scrolling space shooter with up to 4 player local coop or up to 8 player online coop. Tons of levels, ultimate abilities, unlockable upgrades and weapons, and a robust powerup system.

CounterAttack is a side-scrolling space shooter; a shmup. Its primary features are 8 player online coop, 4 player local coop, cross-platform multiplayer, customizable ships via unlockable upgrades, and a choose your own path story mode.

There are 8 playable ships each with a different ultimate ability. The player can configure their ship before each mission and two kinds of powerups are collected during missions. One powerup is for ultimates (bombs) and the other is for upgrades.

There is also an endless survival mode. In survival, enemies continuously increase in difficulty until the player quits or dies.

CounterAttack is available on Steam.