River City: Rival Showdown

River City: Rival Showdown

An enhanced remake of River City Ransom created for the Kunio-Kun series' 30th anniversary.


River City: Rival Showdown is the first game to be released in the Kunio-Kun 30th Anniversary project. An enhanced remake of the original NES game (known in the west as River City Ransom), like many recent Kunio-Kun games, it retains the same 8-bit character sprite style, but utilizes modern backgrounds and visual effects. In addition, the game boasts a wealth of new techniques and special attacks.


Instead of a standard versus mode starring the River City Ransom crew, the game's multiplayer mode is titled Double Dragon Duel (Fighting of Double Dragon 2016 in Japan), and is a single-plane versus fighting mode starring Double Dragon's Billy and Jimmy Lee in the same graphical style.