Final Fantasy XI Online: Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Final Fantasy XI Online: Treasures of Aht Urhgan

New Job classes, battle types, missions, quests, and more "player friendly" options highlight the third expansion for Final Fantasy XI.


The third expansion in the series was released on April 18, 2006

Highlights of the expansion

  • Adds three new jobs Blue Mage, Corsair and Puppetmaster
  • Adds Chocobo Raising, Chocobo Racing, Chocobo Circuit
  • Adds new battle field called Pankration
  • Adds Assault, Besieged, Salvage and Einherjar batlefields
  • Adds 12 new adversaries
  • New mission story line called Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions
  • Tons of new quest and equipment

New Jobs


Puppetmaster's are able to control a "automation" for entertainment or for combat purposes.  Puppetmaster can also use hand to hand combat in a need raises.

Corsairs use a weapon called a "Hexagun", basically a multi-barreled revolver.  They also are good party buffers when it comes to their luck based abilites which they can roll dice and change the way a battle plays out.

Blue Mage

Blue Mages are able to use the abilities of monster found across Vana'diel.  They usually are duel wielders that will fight on the front line and using magic attacks to kill their enemies.

New Battle Systems

Many unique new battle systems were added with this expansion:

  • Assault - Instanced battlefield areas where the player, and a group of 3 to 6 people level 50 or higher, perform assigned tasks ranging from clearing an area of enemies, to finding captured NPCs. Players are rewarded with Assault Points which can be used to obtain items specific to each zone. One specific Assault area, known as Nyzul Isle, has player ascending 100 floors and completing a randomly set task on each floor. You can obtain many very good armor pieces after defeating the bosses at every twenty floor interval, and you also could receive a weapon upon completion of the 100th floor, which is the base plate of a newer "relic" type weapon.
  • Besieged - The lower ward of Aht Urhgan known as Al Zahbi is under attack by the beastmen armies, looking to capture the mysterious Astral Candescence. Players battle in the area against the enemy along with many NPCs, which, if not fallen/captured in the course of battle, provide players with many helpful items. Defeat of the five Serpent General, will allow for the door sealing the Astral Candescence to open and allow of the beastmen to take it. If this occurs, players much head out into the dangerous enemy strongholds, and get it back.
  • Salvage - Taking place in one of the five wings of the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, Salvage is a true test of teamwork for a group of 6 to 18 players. As soon as the group enters, the Pathos of Alzadaal limits the abilities of all players who enter, including the ability to equip armor. Players must find key items to unlock their abilities again, and make their way up the five floors to defeat the boss at the end. Some monsters within the zones drop level 15, 25, and 35 armor pieces which are required to complete a quest to obtain level 75 armor pieces, some of which are the considered the best pieces available thus far for certain jobs.
  • Einherjar - The Hazhalm Testing Grounds are the site of this large scale battlefield area. Designed for groups of up to 36 people level 60 and up, Einherjar is a race against the clock to defeat enemy swarms, and a final boss monster. There are four wings, and three chambers within the first three  wings for players to navigate. You must complete each chamber in a wing to advance to the next wing. Rewards are given for the amount of monsters cleared in the form of "Therion Ichor", which are accumulated to obtain items, and also items are given for completion of the chamber. Ascent to the final chamber will have you fight a very well known character in the Final Fantasy series, Odin. Defeat of him rewards you handsomely with Abjuration items which can be upgraded into superior armor pieces.


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The Treasures of Aht Urhgan soundtrack was released on May 29, 2006, and was re-released as part of the FINAL FANTASY XI Premium Box on March 27, 2008 
01 - Bustle of the Capital
02 - Eastward Bound...
03 - Bandits' Market
04 - Illusions in the Mist
05 - Mercenaries' Delight
06 - Jeweled Boughs
07 - Ululations from Beyond
08 - Rapid Onslaught -Assault-
09 - Fated Strife -Besieged-
10 - Delve
11 - Whispers of the Gods
12 - Circuit de Chocobo
13 - Run Chocobo, Run! 
14 - The Colosseum
15 - Black Coffin
16 - A Puppet's Slumber
17 - Ever-Turning Wheels
18 - Forbidden Seal
19 - Hellriders
20 - Eternal Gravestone
 21 - Vana'diel March #4