Makai Prince Dorabocchan

Makai Prince Dorabocchan

A side-scrolling 2D platformer featuring a magical demon prince. As well as his own magic, he can also depend on his loyal Moai servants to make bridges. The predecessor of The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang.


Makai Prince Dorabocchan ("Demon Prince Dorabo") is a 2D platformer for the PC Engine. The player controls the titular character who is on a quest to rescue his master and defeat the evil demons that have invaded the kingdom.

As well as his own magical powers, he can be upgraded by finding suits of armor which boost his abilities as well as temporary power-ups that provide double-jumping, a syringe weapon that stuns enemies and cleats that allow him to jump on enemies to defeat them. If he finds a bat with a bell, he can summon his burly Moai guardians who use their stone bodies to create bridges that allow Dorabo to move forward or find secret areas.

Dorabocchan would later appear in the top-down 1993 Super Nintendo action-adventure game Chou Makai Taisen! Dorabocchan, which was localized in the west as The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, and would also headline the 1994 Super Famicom golf game Super Naxat Open: Golf de Shoubu da! Dorabocchan.