A ball rolling game for the modern age. Packed with tons of challenging content - split screen local as well as online multiplayer, and built in leaderboards and ghosts. Polyball is aiming to be the most advanced ball rolling ever created.


Released onto Steam Early Access in late June of 2015 by Studio Monolith.


Single Player

The main focus of Polyball is tight controls and heavy physics. A lot of other marble games are very responsive and floaty, whereas Polyball favors momentum and subtle movement.


The multiplayer of Polyball is so different from the single player it may as well be a different game. There are a variety of modes (with more being added) but the main modes are Battle and Circuit. In battle mode players choose from one of six weapons which they are stuck with for the entire match. There are about 16 power-ups to pick up during a match - ranging from double jump to an AoE stun, to a rage mode that triples the player's size.