Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers

This game based on the movie of the same name was released on the PlayStation and Game Boy, it does not follow the story of the movie, instead focusing on the struggle of the Gorgonites to defend their homeland of Gorgon from the invading Commandos.


Small Soldiers is a third-person action game. Instead of following the plot of the movie and showing the Gorgonites fighting the Commandos in houses and gardens, the game is set in the land of Gorgon, homeworld to the Gorgonites, as described on the back of the action figure's boxes in the film.

There are fourteen levels in the single player campaign, that follows Archer and his fellow Gorgonites as they try to defend their homeworld from the invading army of Commandos. The game is a mix of platforming and third-person combat, with the player being able to jump and traverse ledges in the platforming sections, and fight using Archer's crossbow and 13 other weapons when in combat. Many levels involve freeing captured Gorgonites who will then join you in battle against the Commandos. Multiplayer includes two head-to-head two-player Chip vs. Archer modes where you either need to capture flags or get a set amount of frags.




Gorgonites leader, who uses his arm as a cross bow, considered the most bravest out of all the Gorgonites. He gets to summon his fellow mates to help in his quest to protect Gorgon.


Archers transporter who is a one eyed creature.

Punch it

A large rhino-like, orange monster, and close friend of Archer. When summoned he will use his razor sharp claws to cut through any enemies in the area.


Known as the twister. Uncontrollable friend who uses his spin attack against the Commandos.


The biggest Gorgonite, who`s appearence is of a hunch back. While he prefers non-violence and is generally regarded by his friends as a gentle giant, his mighty power can take down enemies in a instant. When summoned he uses his boulder fist to slam through any attacking enemies.


As from the name he is a creature which was torn apart by the commados and put back together in a disfigured way.

Scratch It

A two-legged Gorgonite and close friend to Punch It when summoned he will run rampant across the battlefield, using his oversized teeth to attach to enemy Commandos. On rare occasions during the game, both Punch It and Scratch It will appear together and perform devastating tag team moves.


He is a new Gorgonite which is not seen the movie. Known by his fellow Gorgonites as "The Walking Whoopee Cushion", he will, when summoned, unleash an overwhelming stench that sends any enemy Commandos fleeing for cover.


The flying Gorgonite resembling a large bat, who swoops in from the sky when summoned to rain down fire on any nearby enemies.


These mystical Gorgonites are the controllers of the gateways between Gorgonite realms, they appear at the end of every level and must be presented with various coloured keys scattered throughout the level in order for Archer to progress to the next realm.


(all of which feature as bosses in the game)

Major Chip Hazard

The leader of the Commandos, his main objective is to destroy the gorgonites with any means necessary. His weapon of choice is a devastating plasma pistol, and his knowledge of close-quarters combat is unrivalled amongst his fellow Commandos.

Nick Nitro

Nitro is the explosives expert of the Commando army. He uses grenades and various other highly explosive weaponry to blow up his opponents.

Kip Killigan

The assassin of the Commandos. Moving at a lightning fast pace, and packing a flamethrower, laser-sighted rifle, and ninja throwing stars, Killigan is not to be underestimated.

Butch Meathook

Heavy weapons expert. He carries a rocket launcher with an extremely high rate of fire and can wipe out entire Gorgonite squads in the blink of an eye.


The game features two player splitscreen multiplayer. Players are able to choose between Archer and Chip and do battle in two game modes across 6 multiplayer arenas. In Frag mode, Archer and Chip must hunt each other down, collecting weapon pickups and other special powerups with the main objective being to be the first player to get 5 kills. In Flag mode, Archer and Chip each have a flag to defend and must capture the opposition's flag 3 times to win.