Hashire Hebereke

Hashire Hebereke

An isometric on-foot racing game featuring SunSoft's Hebereke/Ufouria characters.


Hashire Hebereke ("Run Hebereke") is an isometric racing game from SunSoft that features Hebereke, Sukezaemon, O-Chan and the rest of Hebereke's friends. The player must race across a course hitting three checkpoints before returning to the starting line to move onto the next lap. The courses all have different layouts and the player must use the D-pad to turn their character mid-sprint, often causing them to veer strongly from one side to the other. In the single-player the player, as Hebereke, has to challenge every other character on their respective courses. Characters have distinctive strengths and weaknesses that the player needs to ascertain in order to defeat them.

Players can also acquire items that can help them out by running over certain spots on the course, similar to Super Mario Kart, and can collect multiple items and switch between them. The game also includes a tag mode and bonus rounds that involve getting chased in a circle by a giant boulder.

As with most of the non-puzzle Hebereke games, Hashire Hebereke was exclusive to the Japanese Super Famicom.