Contradiction: Spot The Liar!

Contradiction: Spot The Liar!

An FMV murder mystery adventure game in which the player must identify characters' contradictory statements to solve the case.


Contradiction: Spot The Liar! is an FMV adventure game filmed, developed and published by Baggy Cat for PC, Mac, and iPad.

The game was in development by Tim Follin for a number of years.


Kate Vine, a PhD student, drowned in the lake outside the small village of Edenton. The original cause of death was ruled as a suicide, but strange circumstances around her death have put that into question. A week after her death, Inspector Frederick Jenks is sent to Edenton and given until Midnight to try and figure out the truth. Was it suicide? Or was the Atlas business program she was enrolled in a factor?


Players travel through Edenton by clicking their way from page to page. Fast travel is also available via the in-game map. Throughout the town, the player interviews characters while the game stores most of their statements. To advance the game and plot, the player must then find contradictory statements which prompts Jenks (the protagonist) to question the interviewee further.

Items and clues may also be picked up throughout the town when the player is prompted to search the location, via a magnifying glass icon. These items may sometimes be used at specific points in the game to unlock further plot details and clues that the player may use during his interviews.

The player may access hints at any time through the pause menu. In addition, they may also contact the Chief at certain points of the game.