Death Duel

Death Duel

An ultra-gory strategic shooter played in first-person viewpoint from RazorSoft.


Death Duel is an on-rails first-person shooter that pits the player against a series of colossal alien creatures in one-on-one fights from the cockpit of their attack mech. It was exclusive to the North American Sega Genesis console and would be the last collaboration between RazorSoft and their development wing, Punk Development (the latter had already separated from RazorSoft and been rebranded as Iguana Entertainment by October 1992, when this game released).

The story of the game involves the Earth's tenuous position in the galactic marketplace, their own trade lines having been blockaded by hostile alien civilizations. According to galactic law, the only way to solve these disputes is with a duel to the death between Earth's champion and the champions of the nine star federations that are in opposition.

The player uses an assortment of weapons with limited ammo to take their foes apart piece by piece, eventually setting them up for a coup de grace after enough damage has been done. This first involves figuring out each alien's weaknesses before pressing the advantage without wasting too much precious ammunition or receiving too much damage.