Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Need for Speed attempts to reboot the franchise with a focus on nighttime street races, multiplayer action, police chases, and new ways for players to configure and tune their cars.


Need for Speed is a street racing game from EA and Ghost Games, an EA-owned studio focused specifically on the Need for Speed franchise. It comes after a one-year break and is the follow-up to 2013's Need for Speed Rivals. It represents a reboot for the franchise and is focused on nighttime street races, car customization, multiplayer options, and story.


The game will contain full-motion video sequences that take players through five different stories, each pinned to one of the five different ways to play Need for Speed, such as high-speed racing, drifting, car customization, rolling with multiplayer "crews," and outrunning the police.

Need for Speed will contain customizable, licensed cars from various manufacturers. The cars themselves can also be tuned to an extent, which is designed to allow players to drive cars that handle like the older games in the franchise, like Need for Speed Underground, or the more modern, drift-friendly handling of the franchise's more recent releases. Things like tire pressure can be customized by themselves, or an overall "drift or grip" slider can be moved to more easily change the handling of a car.

Events include standard street races, drift attacks, and so on. Players earn rep as they drive stylishly, and a multiplier goes up as the player strings more and different types of stunts together into one combo.

The game runs on EA's proprietary Frostbite engine.