The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge

The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge

A unofficial 3D remake of X-COM by the original developers, cancelled in 2001.


Freedom Ridge was a turn-based tactical strategy game from Mythos Interactive, the original developers of UFO: Enemy Unknown, who did not have the rights to the X-COM name. It was to be fully 3D, with a different storyline, but featuring similar gameplay to the original game.


The game was set after a successful invasion of Earth in 2003 by an alien race called the Saurians, with the player in charge of the Terran Liberation Army, a tiny resistance group. Various conspiracies would play a part in the story, including Area 51, with references to it in the title ('Dreamland' being a nickname for the site, and Freedom Ridge the name of an nearby geological feature overlooking it).

Development History

The game was first announced in 2000 for PC and Playstation 2, with an expected release date of late 2000, which eventually slipped to early 2001. After first failing to find a publisher Bethesda Softworks provided funding, but that in turn ceased before mid-2001. The game was cancelled later in 2001, with the rights eventually transferring to Altar Interactive, who renamed it to UFO: Freedom Ridge. Game development was essentially restarted, with the eventual result UFO: Aftermath having little direct relation to Freedom Ridge.