Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a first-person shoooter developed and published by Novalogic, based on the same events portrayed in the novel and film "Black Hawk Down".


Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is not based on the movie, or the book, but rather it is completely based of the 1992 Battle of Mogadishu. While trying to be different then average first person shooters at the time, the game had its shortcomings: the predictable AI, the toned down weapons, but most noticeably the color contrast. This would allow hidden enemies to appear, or the player wouldn't even see them. The game also splits into two different perspectives, one which is more of a tutorial mode, and the second which is actually gameplay, and campaign.

PC System Requirements

VIDEO CARD: Direct 3D video card with 32MB required. 64MB or greater recommended. Compatible 3D cards include: Nvidia TNT2, GeForce series, ATI Radeon series. For a list of supported 3D cards visit

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP

CPU TYPE & SPEED: Minimum - Pentium® III 733 MHz equivalent Recommended - Pentium® 4 1.4 GHz equivalent

HARD DRIVE SPACE: 750MB available

SYSTEM MEMORY: 256MB or greater required

CD-ROM SPEED: 4x or greater CD-ROME drive

DIRECTX: DirectX 8.1 required

SOUND CARDS: Windows® compatible.

CONTROLLERS: Windows® compatible mouse

INTERNET PLAY: Up to 32 simultaneous players via NovaWorld *(Internet service provider required)

LAN PLAY: Up to 50 simultaneous players via IP LAN. May require dedicated server.

NOTE: Some multiplayer features may only be available through NovaWorld.