Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

A 2D exploration action adventure game, developed by Team Cherry.


Originally announced as "[a] beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes." Hollow Knight was successfully Kickstarted in June 2015 by Australian developer, Team Cherry. It was released on February 24, 2017 for PC, on June 12, 2018 for Nintendo Switch, and on September 25, 2018 for Xbox One and PS4. The game was originally planned to have a Wii U port but this was changed to the Switch.

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As the Knight, the player must move through the Hallownest - an ancient, subterranean kingdom filled with danger. While it fell to ruin long ago, it sees regular visitors hoping to earn a fortune or make important discoveries by braving its depths. The Knight must discover what fate has befallen Hallownest and his connection to it. His journey will see him encounter and defeat powerful creatures, find new equipment and relics, unlock shortcuts to return to previous areas more easily, and eventually discover what lies at the bottom.


Created by the Pale King, the Hallownest is a fallen kingdom that is underneath Dirtmouth. As the player explores the remnants, they will begin to uncover the greater mystery left behind. Here are the areas contained within the Hallownest:

Ancient Basin

City of Tears

Crystal Peak

Fog Canyon

Forgotten Crossroads

Fungal Wastes

GreenpathHowling Cliffs
Kingdom's EdgeQueen's GardensResting Grounds
Royal WaterwayThe Hive


The inhabitants of Hallownest vary from Merchants, Nailmasters, Wanderers and several Miscellaneous NPCs. They will aid the Knight in their adventure and offer a variety of services that works as the games various RPG systems.

Confessor Jiji

Allows the player to trade rancid eggs for their current shade, as to not have to trek through the entirety of Hallownest to reclaim their lost Geo. Confessor Jiji is locked behind a door in the far east of Dirtmouth.

Cornifer & Iselda

This married couple is how the player is able to map and track their progress through the Hallownest. Iselda is found in Dirtmouth and will sell the player various items that makes this process easier. Cornifer is found as the player explores the various areas in Hallownest, and will offer to sell them a map when he is found after following the hum of his voice. If Cornifer is missed, the player will be able to recover the aforementioned map from Iselda.


Hornet is an NPC that plays an important role in the story of the Knight and who guides the player towards the necessary abilities to better traverse Hollownest.

The Last Stag

Serving as a means of quick travel, the Last Stag will appear whenever the player rings a bell in a Stag Station, although sometimes only available after paying a toll. As the Hollow Knight travels through Hallownest, each interaction will give the player more insight as to what happened to the kingdom.

Leg Eater

A merchant found in Forgotten Crossroads that will sell the player, a few charms that have the possibility of breaking when dying. He will then offer to repair them after they are damaged.

Little Fool

An NPC who will unlock the various levels of difficulty within the Colosseum of Fools.


Offers the player the ability to store up to 4500 Geo at her stand in Fog Canyon. She will then move to the Pleasure House, where the player will have the option of reclaiming their stolen Geo by force from Millibelle.

Nailmasters: Mato, Oro, Sheo

These three brothers will teach the player three different Nail Arts, and are found in various areas in Hallownest.


He can be found to the far west in the City of Tears, and upgrades the player's nail. He asks only for Geo and Pale Ore, allowing him to upgrade the old nail.

Relic Seeker Lemm

As the only merchant in game who will buy relics from the player, Relic Seeker Lemm can be found in the City of Tears. He will give the player some background regarding Hallownest and its treasures, whenever he is sold a relic.


A merchant found in the Forgotten Crossroads and specializes in Charms and Notches. Once the player has found all Charms in the game, Salubra will appear above them whenever they access a bench.


A merchant that can be saved in the Forgotten Crossroads, who will then open up a shop in Dirtmouth. Sly specializes in a variety of items from Charms to player upgrades.


A merchant that can be found in the Forgotten Waterways and sells the player rancid eggs in exchange for Geo.

The Wanderers: Cloth, Quirrel, Zote the Mighty, Tiso

These characters can be found throughout the Hallownest and often give some insight into the Kingdom. Each with their own story line, the player can interact with them on few occasions and in specific instances, they will join in during boss fights.


A total of 4 additional content packs have been released for free after the game's release.

ImageName & Release DateDescription
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Hidden Dreams
03 Aug 2017

New foes. New Boss fights. New Upgrades. New Music.

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The Grimm Troupe
26 Oct 2017

New Major Quest. New Boss Fights. New Charms. New Enemies. New Friends.
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20 Apr 2018

New Boss. Upgraded Bosses. Tweaks and Refinements across the whole game.
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23 Aug 2018

New Characters and Quest. New Boss Fights. New Music.