Racer Mini Yonku: Japan Cup

Racer Mini Yonku: Japan Cup

A board game/racing game hybrid based on a miniature RC car toyline. It was developed and published by Konami exclusively for the Japanese Famicom.


Racer Mini Yonku: Japan Cup ("Yonku" refers to four-wheel drive vehicles) is a board game with racing game sections, in that the player has to construct their own RC 4WD car and then race them against their CPU opponents in various events, often taking terrain handling into account. It was based on the then-popular mini RC car toy fad in Japan. The title screen credits Tamiya, a Japanese toy manufacturer that focuses on model kits and RC vehicles, and their logo frequently appears in-game.

The game was developed by Konami for the Famicom, and was never released outside of Japan.


The player and the CPU opponents take turns moving over a board and acquiring money and parts for their RC car. Money collected can also be spent on new parts. The players' vehicles then race, an automatic process, with the one with the best upgrades usually coming out on top.