A run'n'gun action sidescroller focused on cooperative multi-player featuring permadeath and persistent leveling.


Rogue Stormers is a run'n'gun action RPG developed and published by Black Forest Games for the PC. It is focused on cooperative play, and has both local and online multiplayer. Players team up to face hordes of orcs and goblins that have taken over the sprawling city of Ravensdale. When a player dies all equipment and upgrades are lost but there is a persistent leveling system that adds perks to the players character making subsequent runs easier.

It was released to Steam Early Access on July, 17 2014.


The project was revealed at Game Developers Conference 2010 under the name Ravensdale, and is said to have been in development as far back as 2007 under Spellbound Entertainment. The project was sidelined soon after as attention shifted to Arcania: Gothic 4. In 2012, Spellbound Entertainment went into administration and returned as Black Forest Games. After the successful release of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Black Forest Games turned focus back to Ravensdale and decided on using Kickstarter to fund the project. The crowd funding attempt was unsuccessful and the project was put back on hold. The project resurfaced in 2014 when another Kickstarter was started by Black Forest Games, this time under the DieselStörmers name. This attempt was successfully funded and the game was released to Steam Early Access in July of 2014.

After a dispute over the trademark with fashion brand DIESEL, DieselStörmers was renamed Rogue Stormers in October 2015.