A Metroidvania game with an emphasis on time manipulation.


Timespinner is a sprite-based 2D side-scrolling exploration platformer (or metroidvania) game heavily inspired by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Its main character, Lunais, is the scion of a family of "timekeepers": those with the unique gift of manipulating time. She can use this power to freeze enemies and uses a selection of magical orbs as weapons.

Lunais's family is murdered in front of her and her family's ancestral device, the titular Timespinner, is destroyed. Thrust into an unknown world, she begins her journey of revenge, acquiring powerful abilities and weapons along the way.

Timespinner was originally released for Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation Vita, and PC/Mac digital stores like Steam and GOG in late 2018. It was then ported to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles the following summer.