LMA Manager 2003

LMA Manager 2003

LMA Manager 2003 is the 2002/2003 football season iteration of the football management series.

LMA Manager 2003 is the fourth game in the LMA Manager football (soccer) management series. It was released on November 15, 2002 on the PlayStation and for the first time on the Xbox. It covers the 2002/2003 football season. It builds upon LMA 2002, the first game for the franchise on the PlayStation 2.

New Features

  • Up-to-date with 2002/03 football season statistics.
  • Manage from any 16 divisions and 6 major footballing nations (England, Scotland, Italy, France, Germany and Spain).
  • Plays other European matches as you play.
  • A large transfer market to buy players, 17,000 players from 722 clubs.
  • Features the new UEFA Transfer System.
  • TV-style highlights with commentray from Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen.
  • Option to play pre-season friendlies against any of the 722 clubs.
  • The abiltiy to name a newly built stadium.
  • New pre-set tactics set ups (e.g. Liverpool in the 70's).
  • Team and individual player training. You can specify training regimes for each player.
  • Get the latest scores from other matches while you play yours.
  • New employees can be hired to assist you, like assistant mangers or scouts.
  • Post match banter from Lineker and Hansen.
  • Updated highlight navigation like clip rewind and fast-forward.
  • Mediterranean Crowd sounds when playing matches in Italy or Spain.
  • Extra sound and visual effects in the match – event specific crowd reactions, camera flashes.
  • Greater number of match stadiums including three cup final stadiums.
  • Match AI Enhancements.
  • Retire user managers – so a 2-player game can become a 1-player game.
  • European Super Cup.
  • Stereo/Stereo Wide sound.
  • Enhanced Player Search and Scout File.
  • Improved transfer AI.
  • User Interface enhancements


LMA Manager 2003 did not add any new leagues from 2002. This is the current list of LMA leagues:


  • English Premier League
  • English Division One
  • English Division Two
  • English Division Three


  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish First Division
  • Scottish Second Division
  • Scottish Third Division


  • 1st Division
  • 2nd Division A


  • Seria A
  • Seria B


  • Ligue 1


  • 1st Bundesliga
  • 2nd Bundesliga