Wrestling Mpire

Wrestling Mpire

A fully-3D sequel to the indie game Federation Wrestling.


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Wrestling MPire (also known as Wrestling MPire 2004) is an indie wrestling game developed by MDickie and published by Idigicon for the PC in 2004. It received three revisions: the 2006 Wrestling Encore, the 2008 Wrestling MPire 2008, and the 2011 Wrestling MPire Remix.

The sequel to Federation Wrestling, Wrestling MPire brings the developer's wrestling simulation to full 3D with several new features. Players create a customizable professional wrestler and guide them throughout their career in an ever-evolving world of wrestling. The game includes over 200 wrestlers, split into multiple wrestling organizations.

In addition to the small-time "shock factor" wrestling promotion Federation Online, the game includes five regional promotions: All American Wrestling, United Kingdom of Wrestling, Rising Sun Puroresu, Maple Leaf Grappling, and Super Lucha Libre. It also includes a seventh "Wrestling School" promotion that serves as the starting point for the player wrestler's career.

Both 2008 and Remix versions are distributed in two editions: Career Edition and Management Edition. The Management Edition, similar to Federation Booker, changes the career aspect so that rather than following a wrestling career, the game follows a "booker" as they try to improve their promotion's standing by managing their wrestlers and events.

The game's engine was used for various MDickie games of the 2000's, including Hard Time and The You Testament. The game itself received multiple sequels, including Wrestling Revolution, Wrestling Revolution 3D, and Wrestling Empire.