Seamless first-person space exploration around a strange and distant star system.


Rodina is a space exploration game currently in development by Elliptic Games. It has been available publicly since December 13th 2013, and has been purchasable on Steam's Early Access program since July 29th 2014.

Rodina is heavily inspired by games such as Freelancer, and the Elder Scrolls series. Elliptic Games founder, Brendan Anthony, has previously worked for Bethesda Softworks on game such a the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3.


In Rodina, the player can seamlessly explore a fictional solar system. The solar system has 4 large planets and tens of thousands of randomly generated asteroids for the player to find. All of these objects can be landed on and walked on without any loading screens.

The player is able to engage in combat with the forces of an alien race, called "Xenos" using a variety of weapons. The enemies can be found around any major object in space (planets, or large asteroids).

The players ship in Rodina can be completely customized from within the game. The player is able to move around objects, floors, and even walls to achieve the desired layout.


The player character is a survivor of a space fleet fleeing earth for unspecified reasons, called the Vanguard fleet. Several ships were launched ahead of the fleet to prepare the system for colonization by the mother ship "Rodina." However, when the scout ships arrived, they found the system already inhabited by a hostile alien race. The players job is to fulfill the mission objectives and prepare the system for the Rodina's arrival.

Story elements are pieced together by finding various logs scattered around the systems bodies. As logs are unlocked, messages come through from the Rodina, accessible via the player ships communication array.