Antarctic Adventure

Antarctic Adventure

Hop around Antarctica as a chubby little penguin in this Konami game from 1983.


Antarctic Adventure is a multiplatform game developed by Konami during the early days of video games (1983). The game puts the player in control of a Penguin, Penta, as he races to various research stations in Antarctica, owned by different countries.

Gameplay is a pseudo 3D trek through the Antartica snow fields, where the player must avoid sea lions and gaps in the ice as they make their way to the next station within a time limit. Fish jumping from holes in the ice can be collected for bonus points. There is no ending, and after completion of the game, the player will start the game again, this time with an increased difficulty level.

Moving left and right, slowing the peguins speed, and jumping are used to traverse obstacles. Collecting a flashing flag will give Penta a propellor that can be used to fly over obstacles

Antarctic Adventure led to its sequel, Penguin Adventure, a more fleshed out affair. Success of the series led to the use of Penta and his son Pentarou as Konami Mascots during the 1980s.