Baseball Simulator 1.000

Baseball Simulator 1.000

A baseball sim for the NES. The game combines an in-depth baseball management aspect and wacky power-ups. Would see sequels for the SNES.


Baseball Simulator 1.000 (JP: Choujin Ultra Baseball, or "Superhuman Ultra Baseball") is a game for the NES released by Culture Brain in 1989. The game was notable at the time for allowing in-depth team editing and season management features. The game was followed by a SNES sequel, Super Baseball Simulator 1000.


Baseball Simulator 1.000 features the ability to simulate or play through a full 165 game season, and create a full custom baseball team of the player's own. The game also allowed the player to play as one of 18 teams, split between normal and special teams.

Special Moves

The special teams were distinguished by the ability to use special moves. These special moves are limited to a few uses each game. These moves were:

  • Tremor Hit - Causes an earthquake and incapacitates all opposing fielders temporarily.
  • Missile Hit - When an opposing fielder is hit by the ball, they are propelled into the wall.
  • Iron Ball - After it is pitched, the baseball becomes a lead cannonball in mid-air, making it near impossible to hit.
  • Fire Ball - A super fastball.