Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (and Eternal Collection) brings both Diablo III and its expansion, Reaper of Souls, to consoles in one package with several new, exclusive features.


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition includes both the original release of Diablo III and its expansion, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, in one package. Originally announced only for PlayStation 4, Ultimate Evil Edition is also available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Announced in August 2018, the Eternal Collection brings the same package to Nintendo Switch while also including the Necromancer DLC. This version was developed by a small team at Blizzard with support from Iron Galaxy Studios.

New Features

The Ultimate Evil Edition includes several features that are unique to this version of the game.

Avenger Kills

When a player dies in combat, the monster that killed him/her sometimes levels up and then enters the game of someone on that player's friends list, whether that second player is currently online or not. In the second player's game, this monster is labeled as the "Bane" of his/her friend. If the player is able to avenge his/her friend, they both get a share of the loot. If the Bane monster kills the second player, it levels up again and enters the game of a friend of the second player. This process can continue several times until the Bane monster simply becomes too powerful and "retires."

Apprentice Mode

This new mode allows lower level players the ability to temporarily get a boost when playing with higher level friends.

In-Game Mail

Players can trade items between each other via an in-game mail system.

Player Gifts

When a legendary item drops, there is a chance that second legendary will drop with it but with the name of a friend attached to it. It is that players' duty to send the gift to his/her friend. So, even though some friends may not be able to play at the same time, they all benefit from each other playing.

Character Transfer

Those who have played Diablo III on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 are able to transfer their characters to Ultimate Evil Edition on any platform regardless of which one they originally played. For example, an Xbox 360 player can transfer his/her save to PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Exclusives

The PlayStation versions of Ultimate Evil Edition include several "PlayStation inspired" items that can be found throughout the game. These include Drake's Amulet from the Uncharted series and a shoulder item inspired by Journey. Certain types of the zombie-like 'Infected' from The Last of Us also appear as enemies throughout the game.

Ultimate Evil Launch Day Bonus

Those who purchased Ultimate Evil Edition on launch day were eligible to receive a bonus item; Infernal Pauldrons, which provide regenerating health and cooldown reduction.

Eternal Collection Exclusives

The Nintendo Switch version of the game includes a Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, a Triforce portrait frame, a Cucco pet, and the Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings.