Pocketbike Racer

Pocketbike Racer

Pocket Bike Racer is a racing game released by Burger King much in the vein of cartoon racing games such as Mario Kart.


Pocketbike Racer is a promotional game that was released by Burger King alongside two other games, Big Bumpin' and Sneak King, on Nov. 19th 2006 up until December 24.  All three of these games were $4.00 with the purchase of any value meal.
Note that all of the BK games only had achievements worth 200 points. 


The three promotional games were notable for being the first three games to have cross-compatibility between the Original Xbox and the Xbox 360.  The same disc could be used on either system.  This forced some of the graphics to be toned down, otherwise the Original Xbox wouldn't be able to handle the graphics.  This included low-resolution textures, and lower polygon count.  Despite this, they still did as much as they could, and made some moderately decent graphics, especially for budget titles.

Xbox 360 Game Installation

This game is not permitted to be installed to a Xbox 360 HDD.