An indie arcade style shooter.


Meltdown is an arcade style shooter developed by Phenomenon Games and co-published by Bulkypix and Plug-in Digital for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Ouya platforms. The game went thru early access.

In the game, the player makes their way through isometric levels each filled with enemy bots. Currently there are 30 levels, a tutorial level and a enemy wave level. The levels are currently very similar, but some levels contain unique bosses and arena modes. In an arena mode, the player is enclosed in a section of the level in which they must defeat a certain robot or group or robots in order to progress. These robots are more difficult than the ones normally encountered.

The game contains are large variety of projectile and melee weapons. Each projectile weapon can be leveled up to increase a wide variety of attributes. Theses include faster reload and an increase in range.