Project Reality 2

Project Reality 2

Project Reality 2 is the canceled sequel to the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2.


Project Reality 2 is the canceled sequel to the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2, the game was announced in September 2013. PR2 was intended to be completely free for anyone to download and play.

Like the Battlefield 2 mod, PR2 would focus on realistic large scale combat where teamwork is key to success.


Work on Project Reality 2 started in June, 2009. An informal announcement about the game being in pre-production was made in December 2009. The engine for the game would be C4, when asked about how the game would play, it was described in broad strokes;

We imagine it will be like PR1 mixed with Infiltration, Armed Assault and Call of Duty 4. Ideally it will look like CoD4; play like Infiltration; have the scale of ArmA; the accessibility, team structures and innovations of PR1... along with some new PR2 innovations to tie it all together. Awesome, in other words.

The team remained mostly quiet until they decided to announce the game yet again in September 2013, posting news about the switch from the C4 engine to the CryENGINE SDK and showcasing several work-in-progress images. At that time, there were 50+ people working on the game.

The PR2 Alpha would initially feature realistic small scale infantry combat with an Advance And Secure (AAS) game mode. The British Armed Forces and a Rebel / Insurgent factions were confirmed to be in.

The first playable build of the game would feature two proper maps (Fools road & Laskar Gah) and one training map.

Several WIP images and two videos were released on December 26, 2013. (URL)

In October 2014 it was revealed that several members of the PR2 team had left the project because it was poorly managed, at the same time another set of PR:BF2 developers formed Offworld Industries and started to work on Squad.

As of December 2015 no details about the game have been released in well over a year. The project manager resigned long ago and the official forums have been disabled. Lead PR:BF2 developer "Ancientman" confirmed that the game was indeed canceled.


The following is a list of content being shown to the public prior the cancellation of PR2.


Project Reality 2 will be a team based modern military FPS where two opposing teams battle it out in a variety of game modes.

Some of features that have been confirmed so far are bullet penetration, positional voice chat, character customization and weapon modification.

Game modes

Advance and Secure (AAS)

AAS is a capture the point game mode where both teams attack and/or defend locations on the map in a linear fashion, trying to secure more territory.

Insurgency (INS)

Insurgency is an asymmetrical game mode in which one team's objective (BLUFOR) is to find and destroy the enemy's weapon caches, the other team's (Insurgents) goal is to defend these caches.


  • Fools road, Chechnya
  • Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan
  • Sant Elm, Spain

The game will also feature a training map for new players.


  • British Armed Forces
  • United States Army
  • Rebel / Insurgent




Assault rifles

Sniper rifles

Anti-tank weapons


  • L109A1 grenade
  • F1 grenade
  • M18 smoke grenade
  • RDG-2 smoke grenade


  • M15 mine


Armored land vehicles

  • Foxhound IFV

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